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Wyoming DUI Laws

Wyoming DUI laws are among the few toughest laws in the country.

If you are arrested for DUI in the state of Wyoming, you might want to hire a well-experienced DUI defense lawyer to help you go through the whole process appropriately.  A plea bargain will not be allowed for any person accused of DUI.

The state of Wyoming classifies an arrest using two theories: first, an alcohol content of 0.08% or more in your system can warrant a DUI offense; second, if you are intoxicated with alcohol, drugs, or alcohol and drugs and you are impaired physically and mentally so that you cannot drive like that of a sober person will also be cause for a DUI offense.

Like any other state in the country, you will be facing two charges during your arrest. The first is a criminal court case. The court will determine the adequate sentence that you will receive including jail time, fines, and other penalties.

The second case is a Department of Transportation hearing where your driving privileges are at stake. For both of these instances, it is vital that you contact your lawyer immediately to help you present your case.

Wyoming DUI Laws may be one of the strictest laws in the land, but it also offers a program called “Probation before Sentencing”. This program is offered to first time offenders who will be under probation and take alcohol education classes and undergo treatment.

Finishing the program will clear any DUI record you have; however, this program is only offered one time and only for first time offenders.

If found guilty, and you are already on your succeeding offenses, the following penalties, fines, and license suspension apply:

1. First DUI conviction – up to 6 months jail time or fines of up to $750, or both; 90 days license suspension, and substance abuse assessment;
2. Second DUI conviction – jail time from 7 days to 6 months, fines from $250 to $750, license suspension for 1 year and ignition interlock device for another year, and substance abuse assessment;
3. Third DUI conviction – jail time from 30 days to 6 months, fines from $750 to $3,000, license suspension for 3 years and ignition interlock device for 2 years, and substance abuse assessment; and
4. Fourth DUI conviction – jail time of up to 2 years, fines of up to $10,000, and lifetime license suspension and ignition interlock device.

There are also other possible punishments that the state can impose. Let your lawyer explain anything you are confused about to protect your rights.