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New Hampshire DUI Laws

New Hampshire DUI Laws impose strict punishment for DWI offenders. Drunk driving cases are either called driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI), but either way they mean one and the same thing.

In addition, there may be some instances where aggravating factors add up to your penalties, fines, and jail times.

The same rule applies for all DWI cases. You can be arrested if your blood alcohol content is 0.08% or more.

For minors it’s 0.02% or more, and for commercial vehicle drivers 0.04% or more.

You can also be arrested if you are intoxicated with alcohol or drugs and your driving skill is impaired due to this. This can be proven according to your driving patterns, physical appearance, and field sobriety tests.

If you are arrested and one of the following aggravated factors is present, it will be considered an aggravated DWI:

1. Driving 30 miles per hour over the state’s speed limit;
2. Causing a collision resulting to serious physical injury;
3. Attempting to escape a law enforcement officer;
4. Having a passenger under the age of 16 inside the vehicle; and
5. Having a BAC of 0.16% or more.

An arrest will spark two separate cases.

If you have been arrested for DWI, you will face a trial by the criminal courts and an administrative case. However, if you have been arrested for aggravated DWI, you will be tried by a jury.

For the administrative case, you will be given 30 days to request for a hearing to protect your driver’s license. Hire the best DUI defense lawyer to help you file the request appropriately.

If you have been found guilty of DWI, you will be sanctioned with the fitting punishments as follow:

1. First DWI conviction – $500 minimum fine and license suspension for 9 months to 2 years;
2. Second DWI conviction – if this occurred 2 years from the previous offense jail time is 30 days minimum with the first 7 days spent in an intervention detention center; if more than 2 years but less than 10 years than the previous offense jail time is 3 days minimum; $750 minimum fine; and 3 years minimum license suspension; and
3. Third DWI conviction – 180 days minimum jail time, $750 minimum fine, and indefinite suspension of driver’s license.

New Hampshire DUI Laws define more severe punishments for aggravated DWI. Other punishments like alcohol treatment and counseling may be recommended depending on the gravity of the case.