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Maine DUI Laws

Maine DUI Laws impose a strict and severe punishments and sanctions be it driving under the influence (DUI), operating under the influence (OUI), or operating while intoxicated (OWI)

An arresting officer will pull you over if your driving pattern is impaired because of alcohol and/or drug intoxication. Another instance where an officer has the right to arrest you is if your blood alcohol content is 0.08% or more.

For minors under 21, unlike other states that impose a 0.02% or more BAC, Maine imposes a zero tolerance policy. Commercial vehicle drivers are not allowed to drive if their BAC is 0.04% or more.

The state also considers aggravating factors that can contribute to longer jail time, higher fines, and longer license suspension. Recently in 2010, Maine House Bill 1137 was passed allowing a person who committed a 2nd or 3rd OUI offense prior to September 1, 2008 to apply for an early termination of license suspension provided an ignition interlock device is installed into the vehicle the person is operating.

Once arrested, two cases will be charged against you: one, a criminal case, and the second, a Bureau of Motor Vehicles case. The first case will issue the appropriate sanctions like jail times, fines, and alcohol education programs.

The second case is a little complicated because in order to protect your driver’s license you have to request for a hearing 10 days within your arrest. To do this properly enlist the help of a skilled DUI defense attorney.

If convicted of driving under the influence, the following are your penalties and fines:

1. First DUI conviction – jail time of up to 1 year and fines of $500;
2. Second DUI conviction – minimum jail time of 7 days and fines of $700;
3. Third DUI conviction – minimum jail time of 30 days and fines of $1,100; and
4. Fourth DUI conviction – minimum jail time of 6 months and fines of $2,100.

During the administrative hearing you will receive the following license suspensions:
1. First offense – 90 days
2. Second offense – 18 months
3. Third offense – 4 years
4. Fourth offense – 6 years

The court may also enforce you to undergo alcohol and drug treatment sessions or programs. If you have served your license suspension you can request for a license reinstatement. The court may grant your request provided you install an ignition interlock device in all your vehicles. Maine DUI Laws set a washout period of 10 years. A DUI conviction will result to insurance loss or a higher premium too.