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Arizona DUI Laws

Arizona DUI Laws prohibit driving under any of the subsequent conditions:

1) any combination of liquor, drug, or any vapor-releasing substance that may impair an individual to the slightest degree;

2) a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08% or more within 2 hours of driving;

3) a commercial motor vehicle that requires a commercial driver’s license and the driver has a blood alcohol concentration of 0.04% or more;

4) an individual under 21 years to operate a vehicle while there is liquor in his system; and

5) an individual driving with any illegal drug or metabolite of the illegal drug in his system.

In Arizona, you can be arrested for a DUI based on two things: first, when your driving is impaired and there are traces of alcohol found in your system, and second, basing on the Arizona per se law that if a driver has 0.08% or more blood alcohol content, he is considered DUI. To determine the percentage of alcohol content in your system, the BAC test will have to be administered within 2 hours of the arrest to be official.

Once arrested you will be faced with two charges: a criminal court case and a Motor Vehicle Department case. To protect your right to drive you can request for a hearing from the MDV within 15 days of your arrest. You will also be requested to submit to a BAC test, and refusal to do so will lead to your driver’ license suspension.

In Arizona, there is a so-called Extreme DUI that can be imposed if the blood alcohol content of an individual is 0.15% or more within 2 hours of driving or when an individual is in actual control of a motor vehicle.

The penalties for a first extreme DUI conviction are:

- Revocation of driver’s license for 1 year, a $900 fine plus $250 for a DUI assessment as well as an additional $1,250 for extreme DUI assessment.

- For the second extreme DUI conviction, within 5 years of the first extreme DUI conviction: suspension of driver’s license for 90 days to 1 year, a $450 fine plus $250 for a DUI assessment as well as an additional $1,000 for extreme DUI assessment.

On both convictions, you will be required to install, at your own expense, an interlock ignition device in all your motor vehicles. This device will prevent your vehicle from starting up unless you have blown into the device and proven that you have not taken any alcohol.

If you are a minor, any amount of measurable alcohol in your system can be convicted of DUI. Arizona DUI laws include vehicles, watercraft or aircraft.